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The first step in health coaching is to gain a new understanding of all the different areas of your life that affect your health and your wellbeing.

We will then set a goal, come up with preparation strategies, and identify potential barriers that might arise.

As you move through the various stages of change we will continue to work together to assure that you are continuing to make healthy behavioral changes in the direction that feels right for you.

A closing series ends when clients reach the end of their coaching agreement and feel satisfied with the progress they have made towards their goals. Some clients choose to renew their coaching agreement, perhaps working on an additional goal, while other clients may be ready to complete the coaching relationship.

What does a Health and Wellness Coaching Program look like?

  1. Meeting Call to identify your current Health State and your basic motive for reaching out.

  2. I will then structure a General Plan and a Personalised Nutritional Guide (if needed) to have handy at your disposal.

  3. I then invite you to be part of an application that you can download on your smartphone, iPhone, or iPad.

  4. Through this application, our daily calls, and messages, I provide you 24/7 support to ensure you get all the help you need at the time you need it.

  5. Depending on your unique objective and on your specific needs, we will pass through some Practices to help you improve as a whole, require knowledge in different areas (hormonal disbalances, cravings, stress, PMS, etc), and have a better and balanced relationship with your mind and body.

  6. We continuously work on the worries, difficulties, and stresses you might have, in order to have a healthier and happier life.

How do I structure my Health and Wellness Coaching Program?

A Health Coach is a wellness professional whose main goal is to guide clients to reach their health and wellness goals, whether that’s sleeping better, boosting energy, weight loss, stress management, and so much more.

Health Coaches create a safe space for their clients to explore their health, facilitating behavior and lifestyle change that can be sustained for the long term. Using their nutrition and coaching education, Health Coaches help their clients discover which foods and lifestyle choices make them feel best.

Most importantly, Health Coaches take a holistic approach to health, not just focusing on food, but also all the other areas of life that can support and nourish your overall health, such as career, spirituality, relationships, and environment.


Health Coaches typically address six key areas that affect wellness, with topics branching off into other categories. The six key areas are:

  • Nutrition

  • Stress

  • Sleep

  • Activity

  • Smoking

  • Time management

If one of those areas is out of balance, it’s likely the others are as well. Someone who isn’t very physically active may also be highly stressed, not sleeping well at night, or not eating well. When combined, it can feel overwhelming.

Health coaches help people sort out where to start and make small changes that grow over time. A health coach just leads you in putting the pieces together for yourself and supports you all the way until you arrive at your specific goal.

What is generally considered to be a Health Coach?


Frequently Asked Questions 


Frequently Asked Questions 


Frequently Asked Questions 

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